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father of the groom speech: Helpful hints
A wedding speech of the father of the groom takes some time to be complete. There's a need to think a lot of what to write in a speech. It has to help the audience admire the couple. You can be given some credit for making a great speech. You have to be able to “wow” the couple and their visitors. Making the target audience pleased and entertained is what you must attain.

Choose a title that relatively represents the theme of the wedding. Try to coincide your speech with the entire theme of the wedding. You should give a speech that can be finished within 10 minutes or less. Keeping your speech brief with interesting anecdotes may make the audience avoid being bored.

The start of your speech is the most important part. Therefore, it's a must to catch the interest of the crowd at the beginning part of your speech. You continue getting their attention by sharing funny stories. Try not to be too formal or very emotional when delivering your speech. Getting the attention of the crowd to listen to your words is very essential.

The content of your speech must focus sharing things about the bride and the groom. Share some wishes and desires of the couple. You are also expected to give your own wishes and blessings to them. The speech must generally talk about the life and relationship of the newlyweds. Sharing the plans and ambitions of the happy couple will offer inspiration to the guests.

Speaking aloud and clear is a must when giving a wedding speech of the father of the groom. Your speech must be well written so you can easily read it. But avoid reading the entire speech from the start to the end. It is much better to memorize it. You can use an index card with written key points and subtitles. Maintain an eye to eye contact with the audience. Ending the speech with thank you notes and congratulatory remarks is what you'll have to do.

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Submitted on
October 26, 2011